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Great ways to detox your mind

One of the main concepts behind epigenetics, or the study of how we can modify our genes, is that the mind has incredible power over our bodies and how they operate, grow and heal. Remembering that our inner dialogue and the way we see our lives has direct relation to the health of our physical body is PARAMOUNT. Noticing and addressing the volume of negative, hateful or judgmental thoughts we experience on a daily basis can start to bring balance back to our mind/body connection. This is a practice, and depending on your starting point can be very challenging.

Here are a few recommendations for detoxing your mind!

-Instead of focusing on the old way of being, listen to positive affirmations! There are so many amazing and FREE affirmation videos on YouTube that you can play while getting ready in the morning, driving or WHILE YOU SLEEP! This can really help with subconscious reprogramming of outdated beliefs about yourself and others! Affirmations in the form of "I am..." are the most powerful for this purpose. I have realized many times that there were certain things that I had never thought about myself (in a great way!) that I heard and received from an affirmation recording. Imagine the freedom of giving yourself permission to be new!

-Try to create time to find moments of stillness to connect with your breath. Box breathing is a simple (and my favorite!) form of breathwork. It consists of a 4 count breath in, a 4 count breath hold, and a 4 count breath out. I try to complete around 10 cycles of this breathing when I notice I am tense, holding my breath or letting my thoughts get crazy. Even doing 2-3 cycles at a red light before picking up my son from school allows me to reset into a new sense of presence. It is not about doing this perfectly, and more about trying to incorporate this consistently.

-Visualize! Visualization is one of my favorite tools! Our brains are incredibly powerful and launch such beautiful chemical reactions in our cells. Our brain actually cant tell the difference between what we see in our lives vs. what we might watch on TV> The chemical responses are the same! This tells me that we can alter the chemical responses our body is having by changing what we see. If you are feeling depressed and anxious but you are watching Scandal all night, well I might have to ask you to recognize what role that show is playing on dosing your body with stress chemicals. Your physical and mental health issues are directly impacted by your media consumption. Not all doom and gloom here though, because the opposite is also true. We can feed our body visuals of higher vibrational things like love, laughter! Our personal passions, what gives us purpose. I know guys this is real life, and we're all hustling and parenting, BUT DON'T FORGET TO DREAM! Please don't get so run down in life that you forget you are a spirit led being and your desire to achieve completion is REAL! God wants you to succeed! Use the power you're given to CREATE! An ancient biblical truth coming in to light as we find we can access higher levels of creativity and power when we are experiencing emotions such as joy, love and happiness. So, here's the task- take 5 minutes. Put on a huge smile (this posture alone will release happy chemicals in your body) and think about your best life. Who are you? How do you feel? What are you doing? How are you serving? How do you feel about yourself? What is different? What is the same? Play out a whole sims world focused in light! Know that it is there for you to return to whether it changes or stays the same. Listen guys, even if this stuff doesn't completely happen or totally manifest, what IS happening is that you are dosing your body with chemicals and hormones that will increase your healing time, slow your rate of aging, decrease your chronic inflammation, and increase your overall health and wellbeing. For $0 YOU can upgrade your health by using your brain.

-Take time in nature. There really is something about it guys- we are all made out of the same chemical compounds, and our cells really do just thrive when we are connected to plants, water, sunlight and fresh air. This means eating them, connecting to them, honoring their role of importance in your life. Guys, without these resources our lives would either not exist, or our quality of life would be so poor it wouldn't be living.

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