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Massage and Physical Healing

All of my sessions include at no additional cost:

- any level of bodywork, including deep tissue

- personal aromatherapy, specific to your current needs

- Use of tools such as cups, gua sha tools, and stones (as needed)

- Any potential intuitive messages and recommendations for continued health

Optional Add Ons: 

(please let me know when booking if you’re interested in any of these add ons)

Hot Stone Therapy: +$30

Using hot stones allows the tissues to warm and release sooner, allowing you to relax and release. Stones will be placed around the body, as well as incorporated into strokes, creating a warm, soothing experience. Easily release tension and knots through this amazing add-on.

Reflexology: +$20 (+10 minutes session time)

Using ancient techniques, reflexology brings the wisdom of chinese medicine into the session. I will work additionally on feet and hands, stimulating specific points to increase your overall health. 

ATT Technique: +$40 (+20 minute session time)

The AromaTouch Technique is an amazing add-on using doTERRA Essential Oils. This series of 8 oils will be applied up the spine and distributed across the back for maximum absorption. This service decreases stress, increases immune health, supports a healthy inflammatory response and helps create balance and homeostasis in the body. 

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